Thursday, May 19, 2011

@ AND1 Mixtape tour(PmB) hosted by Frat Life_Events

So most basketball fans know that The AND1 Mixtape tour hit South Africa a few weeks back. Just in case you don't know much about the Tour, let me school you a bit. AND1 is a Streetball crew, and this was an International event where they toured 15 countries. The tour is hosted by Dark Child Productions and DSTV,in South Africa. The tour hit Maputo, then Jozi, then Durban. Their last game was held in Durban last Saturday ( May 14). However, the boys paid a visit to PmB on Friday (May, 13) to promote the main game that was to be held in Westville on Saturday. Of course PmBJhizzing is all things PmB, so we headed to the Basketball courts at UKZN to witness the action. A huge shout out goes to Frat Life_Events for hosting the gig.


Shout out to Frat Life_events for hosting...oh and inviting us

The Balllers that played a little game against AND1

The Red Bull promoters, who made us happy and gave us wings by giving us free Red Bull lol

The Preditors, a Hip Hop dance crew who gave us a little performance after the game

Pictures by: Nkah

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Blackninja said...

hey guys .do u hve the vedios for these pics .I was wrttn at the time the and1 come .heard they killd thm boys on the courts.